Schibello Caffe opens new bar in Rhodes

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15 years ago, Schibello Caffé was the first to bring the Italian espresso experience to Australia. Now, to celebrate their past achievements and embrace the future of the coffee experience, Schibello Caffé has launched their new concept store which features Research & Development – Roasting • Laboratory.

Situated in Rhodes next door to the Schibello Caffé headquarters, the facility features a state of the art coffee training academy coupled with an on-site espresso bar for baristas to put their knowledge into practice, as well as a dedicated roasting laboratory.

As pioneers of Italian espresso in Australia, Schibello Caffé’s training academy was created to equip aspiring baristas with knowledge and passion for the art of espresso.

After honing their skills with training courses, baristas can gain practical experience to perfect their skills through the facility’s espresso bar, Next Door by Schibello.

The flagship concept store, named for its immediate proximity to Schibello Caffé HQ, is an extension of the company’s training academy. With timber panels, high ceilings, exposed brick and a touch of bold colour, Next Door by Schibello’s rustic and urban décor is reminiscent of the nature of Schibello’s coffee and gives life and room for imagination – an idea that is embodied in the entire facility’s execution.

More than just an espresso bar, Next Door by Schibello showcases Schibello Caffé’s diverse range of products, including coffee blends, tea and coffee machines, as well as their endorsed partners’ products and other complementary items ideal for a café or espresso bar set-up.

In addition to their training academy and espresso bar, the facility also features a roasting laboratory, complete with a boutique roaster, which allows Schibello Caffé to perform cupping session and experiment with small batches of new blends. The laboratory will be open for cupping session, and is available for clients who want an exclusive coffee blend developed for them.

The Research & Development – Roasting • Laboratory can be found at 19 Leeds St, Rhodes in Sydney’s north-west. Next Door by Schibello is open Monday to Friday, 6:30am – 3:30pm, and Saturday 7:00am – 2:00pm.

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