Month of pisco celebrated in Australia

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The Peruvian consulate in Sydney is celebrating the “Month of Pisco” by inviting Johnny Schuler, the Pisco connoisseur, to participate in a series of events in Sydney and Melbourne.

Sponsored by the Australian importer, The Pisco People, journalists, critics and bartenders were greeted in a prestigious hotel downtown. There, guests enjoyed tasting of some the country’s more iconic cocktails like the classic Pisco Sour and Pisco Punch. Schuler explained to the invitees about the characteristics of this Latin beverage, placing Peru at the spotlight of the distilled spirits market. Also on display were a number of products from the Peruvian mountain regions presented by the exporter La Tiendecita Andina.

Johnny Schuler explained that the best strategy to introduce pisco to markets like Australia, is through cocktail making and the culinary popularity experienced by Peruvian food, placing three Peruvian restaurants among the top 50 in the world.

According to Schuler, outside of Peru the biggest markets for pisco are Chile and the United States, which have shown an increase every year. 33% of all total pisco exports go to one of these two countries.

Month of pisco celebrated in Australia

Photo: The Pisco People